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Indian Inspired Summer | A Wounded Heart

So this August is the start of my Indian Inspired Summer. I’ve managed to get through two months with a fractured heart. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

What is this project about? What brought about this fascination with Indian culture? One very special person who caught me by surprise with his quick entrance and quick romantic exit (It sort of feels like a Romeo and Juliet  situation). Whom, even though we are no longer together, holds a very dear place in my heart. The kind of person who, when he looks at you, shines so bright it takes your breathe away. Because in that moment, he makes you feel as though you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.

He introduced me to another culture, his own, that I had previously known little about. In the past few months that I’ve known him, he had made a profound impact on my life. Our break up resulted in cultural differences with his parents and although I will not go into any further detail about it, I need to express the feelings that I have for him. I’ve found that the only way I can mend my wounded heart is by throwing my emotions into cooking Indian dishes, watching Bollywood movies, learning Hindi, and taking photographs.

I have no regrets. Only now a wonderful experience that I can smile back on and a good friend to share my world with. And if I had the chance to do it all over again . . . . I would. Every. Single. Moment.

And so . . . my Indian Inspired Summer begins.


 Main tumse pyaar kataa hoon, jaise main sooraj se pyaar kartaa hoon. Jis ghadi tumhaari tapish, jalan mein badal jaati hai… us ghadi mera pyaar kadwaa ho jaata hai. Par us din jo pyaar maine mehsoos kiya, woh pyaar hameshaa rahega…

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