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Arizona Photos | Tarantula And Wasp

If you didn’t already know . . . I’m an insect  fanatic. I use to  play with insects as a child. Played with them, housed them, watched them, dissected them. Bugs fascinate me. And I still play, poke, prod, and now collect them.

Five years ago I photographically documented the Division of Insects at the Field Museum in Chicago. They hold the largest worldwide collection of insects. Although, you’d never know it because they don’t display much to the public.

With my 4×5 camera in tow, pulling out trays of pinned insects, I came upon this lovely pair. I was immediately taken with them.

The Tarantula Wasp  and Tarantula. A side by side comparison. And the bug that’s chillin’ in the lower left? Yeah.. a regular wasp. I never thought I’d see these two up close and personal . . . I didn’t know it at the time that I would move to Arizona. Now I’ve seen them both. Alive and up close.

Cause life’s funny like that.

Tarantula wasp versus Tarantula

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