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Wedding Cake Cutting Tips

“Do what yah mutha did,” suggests your sweet grandmother, “it’s tradition.”

Where did this tradition start anyway? Come to find out, it started with the Romans. What were they thinking? Apparently not about how the bride would feel having a cake broken over her head. Today’s modern bride won’t really go for that and the days of the all-white cake have passed.

We have rainbow cakes, lop-sided layer galore, and cake toppers hauling the bride over his shoulders, even cute little robot toppers. Speaking of cake . . . that seems to be left behind in 2009. So . . . tradition?

Hmmm. I think we’ve cut the cord on that.

Cupcakes, Bunt cakes, Ice cream cakes, Coffee crumble cakes, a mound of fruit, cookies, and muffins have entered the popularity contest. How do you take a slice out of those? Do we even know how to cut a slice with our grandmother’s knife? As a photographer, I seem to take on all sorts of roles once the wedding processions are under way.

What happened to the caterers’ role in explaining where the plastic holder thing is inside a layered cake? Where do you make the cut? How are the hands suppose to go on the knife? Who takes the under position? Which hand goes where? What?!

Well, I probably can’t tell you where the plastic is so you don’t spend your energy trying to cut through the darn thing and I wind up with some hysterical pictures from your ceaseless efforts but I can give you some pointers on the traditional position and hand holding for cutting the cake. Should you decide to go that route.

Cake Cutting Tips

Bride ready to cut wedding cake
1. Hopefully this step has been taken care of by your cake caterer. Make sure there is enough for everyone.

2. If you have a multi-layered cake, ask your caterer where you should be making the cut so you can avoid the embarrassment of looking like a wimp trying to saw your way through the cake when it doesn’t budge passed the frosting.

3. Take a slice from the bottom layer. It’s generally one inch by two inches thick.

4. Hand position . . . umm. I just questioned myself on what I would do since I’m right-hand challenged. But they say bride’s right hand on the bottom and groom’s right hand on top. Ta-da!

5. I say: “Do what you’re gonna do and let the rest fall into place. You could make some mad dashes with a blunt blade as practice before the wedding day if you would like.

All in all, tradition has passed and we’re taking a stand on originality.

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