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Fine Art Wedding Books

Creating Your Fine Art Book

Fine Art Wedding Book: Tailored to be as unique as your wedding, this  book is customized to closely match the colors of your wedding day. Beautifully designed with custom layouts that display your images in an elegant and modern style along with a beautifully brushed antique aluminum plate on the cover that will undoubtedly be the focus of conversation on your coffee table.

Taking care in providing my eco-savvy brides with the best Green fine art books possible, I am proud to have found a company that is equally as concerned about the environment and the steps it takes to follow through with the earth and people in mind. With the carefully chosen materials the book is made from, down to the packaging, I know that the love is shared.


For those of you that really want to go ALL the way with the Green, even the color, I do have a second option available!

It’s an 8×10 hand-crafted book made with archival paper and bound with hemp. Talk to me. I’ll tell you more.

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