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Going green.. much more simple than you think.

Laundry Aisle Fiasco.

You have a million choices available when planning your wedding. It’s easy to find yourself quickly overwhelmed and shopping around can be a chore. Where do you start?

For me, it’s like taking a cruise down the laundry detergent aisle and if it weren’t for your parents buying the same brand all these years you’d have no clue where to start looking. Unfortunately it’s easy to get lost when searching the shelves so much that the colors and containers start to merge into one giant blob. I’ve had this issue and thought “If I were a bride, where would I start looking to narrow down the million and one choices that are out there?” Of course, I just happened to be in the laundry aisle when that thought hit me.

Hold on! … this really does have a point.

I started to ask myself a bunch of questions to focus in on what I was looking for. Which brands don’t contain bleach and harmful toxins, what’s color safe, what are the chances I’ll have an allergic reaction to a detergent; which ones are considered safe for sensitive skin? Luckily there are only about ooohh…. 60 options to wash your clothes with?

Well, now I’ve focused in on a few (5) options and have something specific I am looking for.

This is the way I see it: Going green is a lot less daunting because it removes at least half a million options that make up the ordinary wedding and allows you to embrace your creative side to make your wedding day all the more unique.

Some places to start:

If you love antiques like I do, consider using something old for something new like “new uses for old things” always being referenced in Real Simple Magazine. I.E. mason jars used as vases for locally grown flowers.

Surf for things people are giving away. You never know what you’ll come across.

Start hitting up auctions and antique shops. I realize the shops could get on the expensive side but there are bargains every now and then and auctions are loads of fun and probably the most inexpensive way to go if you’ve got the time. Bring your girlfriends along for the ride!

I am starting a collection of green resources on my blog to help you along the way. Start thinking about what’s unique to you that you could incorporate into your wedding day. Check back often, as I’m always finding new and interesting articles and blogs to write about and share with you.

Til then, Enjoy!

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