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Happy Halloween

The only thing that makes me enthusiastic upon entering a grocery store is when I spot a huge shipment of pumpkins eagerly waiting for me. Or seeing berries on sale. Ok … and caramel dip. Better believe I nabbed all three this time around. I even grabbed some chocolate to make chocolate covered strawberries! My goodies await for my arrival this evening in the kitchen.

This passed weekend was certainly a delight as Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. And being able to celebrate it from Friday through Monday is even better! Gave me a chance to run around town with my devil horns on and my fangs in that much longer and not look insane. Hah! If I had the chance to do that more often I’m afraid the holiday thrill would wear off real fast. So, any how, I invited one of my best friends over to carve a pumpkin with me since he is new to the art of carving. As he was sketching his pumpkin face, I took a quick snap-shot of the one I had taped to my pumpkin.


pumpkin carving


When you cut into a pumpkin you normally expect to see lots of stringy, gooey guts and seeds. This time, both of our pumpkins lacked a large amount of gooey-ness (yes, I made up a word). I stuck my nose inside the top of the pumpkin and took a deep breathe. I absolutely LOVE the smell of pumpkin. And of course my friend started laughing at me as I continued inhaling it. If it had been more gooey I would’ve grabbed a handful and started a pumpkin gut fight. But, alas, the pumpkins were pretty hollow so, instead, I took what little seeds we had and baked them.

making pumpkin seeds

pumpkin face with a bit of humor

Have a wonderfully goulish Halloween!

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