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Indian Inspired Summer | A Cabinet Full Of Spices

I had a little fun collecting spices at a local middle eastern market a couple of weeks ago. One of my girlfriends, at Keepsake Blossoms, cooked up a wonderful dinner and showed me her spice collection. She had them stored in mason jars and I fell in love with the idea. So, feeling inspired, I ran out to Cost Plus Whole Market and grabbed 12 random jars. I shoveled them into my basket and had a mini Martha Stewart moment. Yah know, if I hadn’t discarded the lids to all of my drinking jars I’ve gathered from consuming pickles, salsa, and jams, I would’ve just used what I had. However, my parents will now have to continue sipping water from my labeled product jars when they visit from Sedona. Baahahahaa!!

As I opened the cabinet to gather all of the ingredients for dinner, the pleasant aroma of spices wafted out to greet me. Like picking the distinct notes out of a melody, I could distinguish the delectable smell of curry, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, and cumin.

I dug out my little Anthropologie apron and went to town.

indian spice collection

Bay Leaves

white cardamom with other spices

green peppers and potatoes

cooking up the spices with onions


indian cookbook versus my cooking

Alright . . . well . . . my food doesn’t quite look like the recipe books image but I substituted a bunch of things like yellow tomatoes for red ones, turkey for chicken, and I didn’t have one of the spices I apparently needed. It was decent for my first try! Let’s see how the next one turns out.;)

happy feet in my anthropologie apron

Happy weekend my friends!

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