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McDowell Mountain | Full Moon Hike

I’m back on my treks through the desert at night. This time the full moon brought me to McDowell Mountain. I love full moon hikes through the Arizona desert. The desert landscape transforms into a mysterious, cool world that deserves to be observed with eyes wide open . . . and not just because you might wind up walking into a cholla!

This hike was led by the amazing Ranger Amy, who notably, worked at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens at one point. I say she’s amazing because that night she not only told us about what trees we could eat from but imitated the sounds of the little creatures scurrying about the desert. Everything from ground squirrels to nighthawk birds and even the red-spotted toad that she so graciously picked up in her hands to show us. Any woman who can imitate those sounds with a straight face as 20 people stare at her gets a check mark in MY book. Hahaha..

Here’s a few of my fave images from that evening.

McDowell mountain range az

mcdowell mountain

mcdowell mountain in arizona

mcdowell mountain in arizona

full moon at mcdowell mountain arizona

McDowell mountain in arizona with full moon

mcdowell mountain range at night

This last image was taken with the light of the full moon. Ask me how I do it without a tripod . . . Guess I just have steady hands. The day I can’t do that anymore, I’ll cry!

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