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Scottsdale Princess Resort Wedding

Last month I had the pleasure of assisting Fred and Adam from Ferguson Photographers on Jura and Paul’s wedding day at the Scottsdale Princess Resort. It was an absolutely beautiful day! I love helping out various fellow photographers around the area. It gives me a different shooting perspective and the more I photograph, the merrier. Here are some detail shots I captured:wedding gown hanging from tree

flower ball with jewelry

pose of green flowers next to wedding dress

ring bearer in family portraits

bride during ceremony through trellis of leaves

bride and groom portrait at Scottsdale Princess

precious baby at a wedding reception

wedding cake with blue flowers

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My Sugarlips Birthday Cake

Last week I celebrated my birthday with my friend, Irma, (we share the same birthday) at RnR in old town Scottsdale. I’m not usually one to spend time out that way but I’m in to trying new places every chance I get. We decided to invite tons of people that she knows and those that I know and see what happened when we intermingled them. By the way . . . RnR not only has great food but their wait staff were very attentive and cute. Irma caught on real quick as well as the few nudges to my left by my dear friend, Jenna. I swear eating food and drinking Sangria’s while watching the waiters here is way better than an eyeful of the Chip-n-Dales. . . . Not that I’ve ever seen them!

The cake that Irma ordered came fresh from the kitchen where they were hanging onto it until after dinner. Let me tell you . . . I don’t think I’ve ever had a birthday cake quite like this before. A camera made from frosting, a painters palette, little bumble bees sticking out and a ton of flowers decorated this masterpiece.

My eyes bugged out at the sight of this bad boy and I practically drooled. This velvet and chocolate tiered deliciousness came from Sugarlips Cakery in Mesa, AZ. They weren’t kidding when the cakery said “Kiss boring cakes good bye!” Thank you Sugarlips! The once separated table of 25 quickly gathered back together and, before I knew it, half of the cake was gone. Like. . . the top layer. Haha! I think everybody saved the best part for me. Velvet with what I think was cream cheese frosting. YUM!!

Here are a couple more pictures from that night:

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October’s Explosion of Goodness

Ok. So seriously. October was an explosion of weddings and trips back east. I have sooo much to post yet can’t seem to find the time to do so! What I find funny is that I’m posting this at the moment – yes, I am procrastinating about posting in a post – but whatever.

I have a couple of projects in the works so please stay tuned for those and watch me play catch up.

Tonight was a night of networking events to which one of them said to wear red for their Red Carpet Network Event at the Scottsdale Resort. Right. I always seems to do as I’m told and sure enough, red dress, black pumps, and a red and black necklace to match, I show up and I think all of TWO people are wearing red. The second one being myself. Great. I think . . . How embarrassing! Not being one who enjoys the center of attention, I sure got a lot of it tonight. I felt like a red beacon and as the evening wore on, even though I’m in sunny Arizona, the sun does eventually go down (as I seem to forget) and I’m left shivering. Goose bumps, legs crossed to keep warm, and no sweater.

All in all, I met two lovely ladies this evening which ended up being the highlight of my night. We discussed our adventures prior to moving to Arizona as well as the lack of men in our life. . . haha Us women have to stick together right?! Any how, I’m looking forward to the countless drinks we will be partaking in as it looks as though I’ve made a couple of more girlfriends. Amen to that!

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