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How To Save On Postage Fees And Trees With Your Save-The-Date Wedding Website

Fact:Save-The-Date websites have become quite popular these days. The majority of wedding websites have their own special list of themes for you to choose from. Any where between traditional, classic floral layouts to steam punk themes with skulls cascading down the page. These sites are usually free for the most basic and somewhere upwards of $30 for a more sophisticated site with customized options.

With the help of sites like the Green Bride Guide, you now have a great alternative to fixing your guest invitation woes. Their team of partners and freelance designers have collaborated on a bunch of fantastic wedding websites that work in combination with your RSVP cards. Or menus. Or detailed directions.

For instance, instead of sending invitations and RSVPs in the mail, send your guests a link to an invite and have your guests reply to the RSVP. Follow up by sending out matching theme menus/reception details as a way to say, “Hey! I received your RSVP and I’m glad you’re coming! Here are some details.” That way, you can correspond with those who are attending your wedding day and are able determine how many detail cards need to be mailed out without breaking the bank. Bonus: It adds a little more depth to their special invitation!

Upside to creating this unique combination of a wedding website and a follow-up RSVP: YES –

1. Save on Postage. What’s a stamp these days? $0.45? Cut down the cost of mailing out more info than you need to.

2. Save Trees. And just in case you want to send out a little something, the Green Bride Guide partners use recycled materials for their matching invites (remember they don’t have to be invite cards you send in the mail.) For those who RSVP YES, you can send a detailed menu list, extra details, etc.

3. Save your Tongue. Who really wants to sit there and lick 100 envelopes two to three times over? Alright, maybe that’s a tad extreme. I mean, who really uses their tongue these days?! Please don’t tell me you do!

4. Save Money. Now you can use that money for other areas of your wedding day where you would like to splurge.

5. Add a little extra uniqueness to your wedding details.


Image From Green Bride Guide

Highlight to a wedding website:

All the information is in one spot! If you have a lot to say, you have all the room you could possibly need to write it all out instead of just a few words on a 4×6 card. You can add a story of how you met your significant other, put pictures of those who are in your wedding party along with bios so your guests have an idea of your history with each individual, and include images from your engagement session so your family and friends get to see all the gorgeous photos of you two together.

Click here for some great wedding website tips from the Green Bride Guide.

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Orange Patch Engagement Session | Laura + Richard

Meet Laura + Richard.

Playful. Loving. And drop dead gorgeous.

orange patch engagement

I’m SO excited for these two love birds! They’re getting hitched early next year in Mesa and I just know they’re wedding is going to be STUNNING.

How they met, told by me:

Remember the high school days of playing truth or dare? We’d all sit in a circle, staring one another in the face, just hoping the person in question picks “dare” instead of truth. Because in all honesty, we’d rather have the excitement of daring the other person to do something completely erratic and embarrassing. Like the Truffle Shuffle that Chunk does in the movie, The Goonies.

It was one of those weekends, sitting around with mutual friends at a birthday party, playing truth or dare. Sitting next to one another as mere acquaintances, Laura was dared to lick Richard’s face. It wasn’t quite love at first sight, you see. It was a straight up, slap-stick tongue drag from jaw to temple.

Now, Richard is one of those guys who was uber into his hair. I mean, every piece of hair had it’s place. His prized possession. No one messed with his do.

So, compared to what happened earlier in the evening, which was a piece of cake, his evening was about to get ugly. As though the tongue-licking wasn’t enough.

As the festivities ensued, so did the shaving cream fight. Laura was there, in full party mode, taking aim at Richard. Wouldn’t yah know, Laura smothered Richard in shaving cream. And it got into his hair. His “perfect” hair.

Let’s just say they didn’t leave the party as friends. But on the chance occasion of meeting up through acquaintances a few more times, Richard began to see Laura as more than just the girl who smothered him in shaving cream.

Here are just a few of my favorite images from their Orange Patch engagement session in Mesa:

orange patch engagement

orange patch engagement session

orange patch engagementorange patch engagement

orange patch engagement

orange patch engagement

orange patch engagement

orange patch engagement




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Family Portrait Photography | Maliniak Family

Meet the Maliniak Family.Kelly, Michael, and their new addition to the family, Carolyn.

I met Kelly’s sister, Breanne, at a coffee shop after receiving a phone call from her requesting a photography session gift certificate. She wanted to surprise Kelly with their first family photo session. We thought some time after Easter would be perfect as they were hoping that by that time, Carolyn would have learned to sit up on her own.

And wouldn’t you know, it was perfect timing. With a family like this, it’s no wonder Carolynis a true bundle of happiness!!

Here’s a few of my favorite photos:

baby portrait session

baby portrait session

family portrait session

I love Kelly and Michael’s expressions!

family lifestyle photography

dad with baby

Look at those little toes!!

baby photography

family portraits

family lifestyle photography

The three of you warm my heart!

Jo - June 8, 2012 - 7:43 am

You captured them so well. I love these photos almost as much as I love them.

Bre - June 8, 2012 - 2:20 pm

Snapping turtle is the best ;) Great job! Too many good ones to choose from!

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