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Lifestyle Family Photography | Baby Ruby

On their wedding night, a little miracle happened. A little bundle of cuteness named Ruby. And when Amanda emailed me for a lifestyle family photography session for her little girl’s first birthday, I was right there. Unfortunately, her husband couldn’t be there to join us for the shoot but it was great catching up with Amanda and meeting her little one.

Check out their Arizona wedding from January at the Wright House in Mesa.

lifestyle family photography baby portrait

lifestyle family photography - baby portraits in grass

baby portrait in a chair outside

baby outside in chair - lifestyle portraits

baby in chair outside for lifestyle portraits

baby playing with bubbles in pink chair outside

lifestyle family portrait of baby and mom at sunset

mom kissing baby in backyard at sunset

first birthday party for baby

Happy First Birthday Ruby! Looking forward to your future visits in Arizona. =)

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Happy Halloween

The only thing that makes me enthusiastic upon entering a grocery store is when I spot a huge shipment of pumpkins eagerly waiting for me. Or seeing berries on sale. Ok … and caramel dip. Better believe I nabbed all three this time around. I even grabbed some chocolate to make chocolate covered strawberries! My goodies await for my arrival this evening in the kitchen.

This passed weekend was certainly a delight as Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. And being able to celebrate it from Friday through Monday is even better! Gave me a chance to run around town with my devil horns on and my fangs in that much longer and not look insane. Hah! If I had the chance to do that more often I’m afraid the holiday thrill would wear off real fast. So, any how, I invited one of my best friends over to carve a pumpkin with me since he is new to the art of carving. As he was sketching his pumpkin face, I took a quick snap-shot of the one I had taped to my pumpkin.


pumpkin carving


When you cut into a pumpkin you normally expect to see lots of stringy, gooey guts and seeds. This time, both of our pumpkins lacked a large amount of gooey-ness (yes, I made up a word). I stuck my nose inside the top of the pumpkin and took a deep breathe. I absolutely LOVE the smell of pumpkin. And of course my friend started laughing at me as I continued inhaling it. If it had been more gooey I would’ve grabbed a handful and started a pumpkin gut fight. But, alas, the pumpkins were pretty hollow so, instead, I took what little seeds we had and baked them.

making pumpkin seeds

pumpkin face with a bit of humor

Have a wonderfully goulish Halloween!

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Social Media Portraits | Rebecca

Meet Rebecca.

My beautiful, independent, witty, and sarcastic cousin from Massachusetts. She finally came out to visit me in Arizona!

I’m going to rehash a tiny portion of our relationship together with this 1987 photo of us playing with Barbie and her friend. I didn’t understand until 6 years ago just why Barbie always, always had an “issue”.

Rebecca on the left : Me at right

If it wasn’t Barbie’s psychotic, irrational temper . . . it was her head literally popping off during conversations with her friends. Ken turned ballistic a number of times with a BBQ grilling fork always saving the day, in a manner of speaking, as Barbie rounded the corner to find herself in an unpredictable situation at the wrong time. Ken being the bad guy turned good to save her. Cause, yah know, Barbie was attracted to the bad boy persona.

It’s easy to see, now, where Rebecca was going with this. . . into the transformation of a life long career. A twist we never saw coming. Rebecca recently completed her Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. Suddenly it all makes sense. Not at all the architect I once thought she’d be but now a Crisis Clinician in Springfield Massachusetts. She’s making waves in helping those in need of mental stability. From helping the young and troubled to the old and guilt plagued. Her most recent and aspired position she’s filling is Grant Manager of a Suicide Prevention Grant.

Over the years, I’ve watched her grow into a very strong and beautiful woman. Someone who’s not afraid to stand for what she believes in. Courageous by nature. Mysterious, intelligent, and exceptionally charismatic. She reminds me of Wednesday from the Adams Family. =) And I say that with love.

You’re a rock star Rebecca! And I love yah.

portaits at windmill winery florence arizona

arizona portrait photographer - windmill winery

windmill winery lifestyle portrait

windmill winery lifestyle portrait


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