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Wish for a Dad

It was this time last year and well, I guess every time before then. It goes back to as far as I can remember.

One of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever asked for is for a dad. Someone who was an admirable father figure in my life and one I could confide in when advice was needed. One I would be proud to bring in to class for father/daughter day. A father I could look up to with love and respect and receive the same in return.

I have one of the best mom’s anyone could ask for. She took on the role of both my mom and my dad. She did the best she knew how and I admire her for that and much more.

My mom’s best friend, Tony, sent both of us postcards from his travels, helped see me off to college, took my picture as a gift to my mom for her birthday and visited me when he was in the area on business and took me out for dinner and made sure I was eating well.

He has always been such a cool guy and someone I looked up to and felt comfortable talking to. Time went on and before I knew it, mom told me that she and Tony are getting married.

I had secretly never given up that one wish for Christmas. On my birthday, Tony asked me if I thought it would be alright for him to adopt me. “I’ve already checked into it and believe it’s still legal.” He said with a grin. I burst out laughing and crying at the same time because I had realized that it’s never too late for something, nor too old for a childhood dream to come true. I was, at last, getting my wish for a dad. It was probably one of the most emotional moments I had ever experienced.

Christmas Eve 2007, at 6:30 p.m. in the court room signing papers and standing before a judge. He granted my wish and I felt like a little girl, who, for the first time, knew how it felt to have my dad looking back at me with proud and loving eyes.

There’s always so much I am grateful for and this year I wanted to share with the world something that I’m especially grateful for this holiday season and will never forget.

I am so grateful to have such loving parents. I’ve always wanted to say that.

My parents; friends of 23 years, happily married for three. Their little goober in the middle; me. The family I’ve always wished for.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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